Student Information

Honor Roll 
Clark Pod Pillar The Clark Honor Roll includes all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who obtain a 3.0 grade point average or above, with no grade below a C. There will be a posted and published listing of students who meet these requirements. 

Locker Dos:

  • Keep your locker combination to yourself. Put only your items in your locker. You could end up suspended or worse for something others put into your locker or they could take your items.
  • Stay in your assigned locker. See the office if someone knows your combination.
  • Close the door by gently closing it with your hand. It should easily close and latch top and bottom. If it does not open it again and check to see what is in the way.
  • Keep things organized in your locker. Be careful nothing touches the back of the area where the dial is or the locker will jam.
  • It works best if your textbooks and small items are neatly on the top shelf. Hang your backpack on the REAR hook (not the top), hang your jacket from the top or side hooks.
  • Carefully place large binders in the bottom of your locker so they are well behind the side rails.
  • If the locker is not working correctly or you notice something broken or damaged report it immediately to the front counter.
  • You may have a clear plastic water bottle in your locker.
  • Remove your lunch daily and take home dirty clothes weekly.
  • You may decorate only the inside, not the outside of the locker. Use only transparent tape to hang items.
  • Remember that lockers can be searched at any time by the building administration.

Locker Do Nots:

  • Others cannot use your locker for any reason. Never share a locker with another person unless specifically authorized by the office. If you do, expect your items to be taken.
  • Don't move to another locker or put your items in another person's locker even for a short time.
  • Never, ever kick or slam into the door of a locker. It breaks the doors which are expensive to repair or replace and you will be charged for it and disciplined.
  • Nothing can hang out of your locker or be crammed and piled in there where it may fall out when you open the door.
  • Don't leave your backpack laying in the bottom of the locker or hanging from the top hook or the locker will jam.
  • Throwing binders in the bottom of the locker or allowing them to hang out over the edge of the locker will cause the door to jam and bend the door.
  • You may not have sodas or any glass bottles or items in your locker.
  • Don't allow old food or dirty clothes to build up in your locker.
  • Inappropriate pictures (with drugs, alcohol, gangs, violence, weapons or sexually explicit) are not to be in your locker or at school. Do not use stickers or double back tape that often won't come off or damage lockers.
  • Do not write on lockers with anything, not even dry erase or special markers. All will damage the paint.
  • You may not hang anything on the outside of a locker.

Lost and Found
If you are missing an item check the lost and found at the back counter and in the Locker Rooms. If the item is valuable please talk to a Security person or complete a Lost and Found Report form in the front office. If you find an item, please return it to the office immediately. Using, possessing, or distributing a found item is considered theft of that item. Items are quickly returned to you if your name is on them.

Clark Middle School will provide free lunch for all students. We have provided a few lunchroom reminders:

  • If a student is late to lunch, it is a tardy just like a class.
  • Please stand in orderly lines and do not cut.
  • Throwing food will result in suspension.
  • Students must receive permission to leave the lunchroom for any reason.
  • Students are to raise their hand if they wish to be dismissed from their table. Students are released only after the floor and table are completely clean.
  • Lunchroom work detail /detentions/suspensions will be assigned for rule infractions.

During the second half of lunch we try to have activities such as basketball, volleyball, or walking the track for students to enjoy.

Memory Book 
Published yearly as an elective publication class for students and staff. Cost will vary each year depending on publication costs. You are responsible for your book at all times. Do not write anything inappropriate or allow anyone to write anything inappropriate in your book.

School Pictures 
School pictures are usually taken during August registration with make-ups in early fall by an outside agency. Students who wish to order picture packages may do so. All students will have their picture taken. All students will receive a picture ID card.

Office phones are for emergency contact calls only. You must obtain prior permission from a staff member to use the phone

Textbooks and Supplies

  • You are responsible for the care and covering of all texts issued to you.
  • A fine will be assessed if you lose or damage a text. Fines are due prior to receiving report cards.
  • Students are expected to furnish all paper, notebooks, pens, pencils and related supplies. These may be purchased in the school store.

Parents are welcomed but must sign in and get a visitors pass at the front office. If parents would like to sit in a classroom, notification to the teacher is required at least 24 hour in advance. There are to be no student visitors.