Dress Requirements


Clark Dress Requirements


Dress Requirements

School is preparation for whatever job a student eventually has. School is where every student goes to 'work' each school day. Every work place has specific dress requirements. These dress requirements are similar to minimums required for most work places. Even though it is not fair, what you wear often determines what people think about you.

Dress at school must be appropriate; it cannot be disruptive to learning, unsafe, or gang related. Dress that has writing or images related to alcohol, weapons, violence, tobacco, drugs, sex or gangs, or containing any obscenity, harassing or demeaning words is inappropriate. Chains may not be worn and all jewelry must easily break away for the safety of the wearer. Footwear suitable for outdoors must be worn at all times. This means: no flip-flops, Adidas or one-strap sandals, bedroom slippers or slides, or oversized shoes. 

Hats, bandannas, sunglasses, coats, jackets, backpacks, bags, fanny packs, purses, or similar items are to be placed in lockers upon entering the school and remain in the locker during the day. 

Clothing that is too revealing is inappropriate for school or work. Examples of inappropriate clothing includes those which: allow undergarments to be seen (too small or tight, see-through or sagging), exposed midriffs, or low-cut tops or sides, are strapless or have top straps less than one inch wide, shorts or skirts that are too short (shorter than four inches above the kneecap). Solid leggings (not transparent leggings or hosiery) or long pants, must be worn with skirts or shorts less than 4 inches above the knee cap. 

Clothing that is unsafe or may hide unsafe items is inappropriate. This includes clothing that is too large, baggy, or bulky. Examples include oversize jeans; oversize shirts; jackets, quilted vest, oversize windbreakers, etc.; or backpacks,bags or purses. Pants that are too big to stay up above the hipbones without a belt are too baggy for school and overalls need to have straps hooked correctly. Students may wear a fitted sweatshirt or fitted sweater to help stay warm during colder weather. It is a good idea to keep one in your locker. Pajamas and pajama bottoms are not allowed. 

If a staff member indicates a student is dressed inappropriately, the student will need to change clothes. This will be accomplished by having parents bring appropriate clothes to school, or exchanging for clothes provided by the school. The student will be asked to sign a Dress Code Contract. Continued offenses are considered Willful Disobedience and may be subject to discipline sanctions.