Clark Student Help

Please follow the guidelines noted below when seeking help:

If I have a health problem The school nurse has your health record from your elementary school. If a new health concern has developed for you, if there is a change in your health from the previous school year, or if you need routine medical care, please see the school nurse. See the nurse at lunch, before, or after school. Any other time you must have a pass from your teacher. The nurse's office is near the art room and counselor's office.

If I have been abused in any way see your counselor, teacher, the nurse or any staff member. This is very important. Please do not delay. We can help you!

If I am depressed, thinking of running away and/or suicide see your counselor, a trusted teacher, administrator, or any staff member. Depression is serious. We can connect you to many community resources that can help you.

If I might have a problem with drugs or alcohol See any administrator, the nurse, your counselor, a trusted teacher, or any staff member. Clark has access to a variety of drug/alcohol counseling programs. We can help you or get help for you.

If I need to request a mediation If you are having a hard time resolving a conflict or getting along with someone, a mediation is a good solution. Fill out a 'Request To See A Counselor' form and indicate who else is involved. A counselor will set up the mediation as soon as possible, and you will be pulled out of class to attend the mediation. In some cases, the assistant principal will assist with a mediation if a conflict can be resolved without the need for discipline.

If a student is really bothering me, attempt to solve the problem by requesting a mediation or by asking a teacher or counselor to help you. If this does not work, see a counselor, security or an administrator. If another student is provoking and/or harassing you, seek help immediately. The problem rarely goes away by itself and usually gets worse.

If I need help with my school work See your teacher first. This is extremely important! See your counselor if the teacher is not available, or if the teacher is unable to help to your satisfaction.

If I need advice about my classes Fill out 'Request to see a Counselor' form and see your counselor. Your counselor is the best person to give you sound advice. If you need additional help after seeing your counselor, see an administrator.

If I need to talk to someone about a personal problem See your counselor, the nurse, one of your teachers or an administrator. Please donâ't wait; let us assist you.

If I am having trouble with a teacher Always try to solve the problem with the teacher. However, if attempts to work through the problem with the teacher are not successful, see your counselor. If a counselor is not available, please fill out a 'Request to see a Counselor' form at a later time. You will be called to the office soon. If it's an emergency, see an administrator.

If I need resource materials for a class project See your teacher first. If you need additional research/reference material, then go to the library. Here you will find a wealth of resource materials and people willing to help you find them.

If I have questions about sports or activities See the Assistant Principal (front counter or in the office). Remember, you must have a participation form for the sport and a current physical examination form on file in the office before you are eligible to participate in sports. The coaches can answer specific questions regarding individual sports.

If I have questions about my attendance See the attendance secretary in the front office. It is your responsibility to clear any concerns with attendance.

If I am having trouble with my locker

  • Do not spend time trying to open it.
  • Go directly to class - don't get a tardy over a jammed locker.
  • Ask your teacher for a pass to go to the office for assistance.

If I've lost an item Check lost and found in the back offices near security and in the locker rooms. For small valuables like eye glasses, jewelry, etc., check at the front desk. Fill out a loss/theft report form in the office.

If I've just moved, what bus do I ride Check at the front counter. You will need to know the street location where you get on the bus. Look for the route number of the bus making your stop.

If I need to purchase lunches or apply for Free/ reduced-price lunch See the lunchroom supervisor in the cafeteria before school or during lunch. Free/reduced-price lunch applications may picked up from the office, filled out and returned to the cafeteria manager in the kitchen.

If I accidentally make a mess in the halls (this includes broken glass, spills, etc.) Please notify the nearest teacher or come directly to the office and see a custodian, secretary or administrator. We will have it cleaned up and issue you a pass to your class. Please do not leave a mess for others to clean up.

If I need extra support with personal, home or school issues contact your counselor who has a variety of information about what is available.