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What Makes a Middle School?


Middle schools are designed specifically to meet the developmental and educational needs of a unique population - students transitioning into adolescents. At this age, students require personal attention, as they search to find a place to belong and build connections. Student-centered teaching, and a flexible schedule promote an engaging interaction.


Clark employs the middle school model by using teaching teams to deliver curriculum. A team is created with a common group of students assigned to a common group of teachers during a block of time designated as their core time. The use of teams is a way of grouping students and teachers together to create small communities of learning within the school.


Small communities within our school create success in a number of ways:

  • Small groups generate a sense of belonging in students and can foster relationship building, both of which have proven to increase student motivation.
  • Teaming allows for teachers to work together assessing individual learning styles and work together on differentiated instructional strategies to address individual needs.
    • Teachers in teams work collaboratively and offer cross-curriculum activities.
    • Common planning time allows for parents to set appointments to meet with all teams’ teachers in order to discuss student academic concerns.